Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Lesser God.

The Lesser God
How many of us ponder of the lesser god or His angels on earth? Do you wish to witness one of His angels? If yes, then meet Mr. Kailash Jha a science graduate with chemistry as the main subject from J.D. College of Science, Bachhwara, Bihar. Decades have passed since he got his degree. Can you imagine where or what his job is? He stands tall at the L.D. Engineering College gate saluting every body that arrives in. Shocked and shattered. He is a true victim of what we proudly pronounce the corruption. Even when he fails to salute some one who is new in the college then he gets a bashful dose over the uncertainty of his job. His duties at a hotel near Vastrapur commences in the night. This entire tedious job for a total salary of Rs. 3700. You will discover thousands of His little angels at the busiest cross roads or cafeterias of our owned city. We can not craft them to become skilled at ABC, but if we conjure we can help them. Just buy those tricolors or Santa caps or pirated versions of comic books they sell. A smile on their faces is your reward and their golden bread earned for the day.
Shayar 4u 4ever

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