Thursday, August 23, 2007

An accolade to the lost love.....

Choice Is Yours

Near or far
Wherever you are
I will stay there
In the corner of your heart
Smile or tear
Whatever be the expression
Fear no Fear
I will back every relation
Friendship or love
Be with me like a dove
Fly in the skies of my heart
And rest in the shadows of my art
Water or fire
Whatever be the desire
Hit the highest peak
Making feel everybody weak
Death or life
Petals or edges of knife
Whatever be the choice
Be with me like my vivid voice

Amit Purohit
(V I.C.)
The above is an epitome of my unpublished book ‘My Infatuation-Love Demystified’.


nimesh said...

thats nice. after reading this i felt that u r in love with somenne.
am i right?

nikhil said...

masterpiece ,
i bow down 2 ur invention
but dont u think it must be free from
grammatical rules as it would make ur
poetry mystifying contrary 2 the title . i advice (but it would make no sense although who m i) u 2 learn french and latin as it would make ur poetry really interesting.