Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Agony Of A Tele Caller

The Agony Of A Tele Caller
(This is an article that shows agony of being a telex caller as observed by Shayar.)
“Sir, your loan worth 50,000 rupees is sanctioned”. Hearing this lexis the call attendee would bash me or disconnect the electronic gadget. But I will keep on trying. Sometimes people truss the call without hearing my pleadings. Yes, you guessed me right I am a telephone caller. I may belong to Credit Card Company, a mobile company, a customer service care or an insurance industry. The real crux is the conviction I try to do from the leads I get from the data dept. I convince people and keep trying to do the same after hearing their scalding. I rejuvenate with every new call. I forget those bitter experiences of a failed call. This is my job. Sometimes I hear lassitude ness in the caller’s voice. Yet I go ahead living those unturned stones. The smile on my face is worth witnessed when I strike a call i.e. I trap a guy or a gal in my scheme. I softly cut the pockets of a common man to fill my pockets. This is my job and I do doting without being emotionally killed. Sometimes sipping an evening coffee with my clandestine holder makes me weep or lose my heart throb. Yet I rebuild myself with every day, every call I suppose. All these thorny jobs did leave me with me an odd salary of 4000 bugs. It is not easy to convince an officer on phone yet I do the deceiving cold bloodily. I find life livelier when I travel in a bus seeing my alma mater goers sitting with their valentines or those golden hands around an ivory neck. May be I cannot enjoy till this vertex, but still I am blissful with my part time job of a telephone caller. Let me go for a new call…
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vishal said...

I am made to imagine about telecallers by you

palak said...

you are a charmer a real charmer