Saturday, December 22, 2012

Meri Skirt se Unchi Meri Awaaz hai – Letter to Mr. President

Disclaimer: The writer is not a believer of religion, economy and politics (in the same order).

Dear Mr. President,

No animals were killed while I was writing this. But a girl somewhere in my country might be facing molestation, rape or some eve teaser as I write or finish this piece of writing.

I am not going to reiterate the incident that happened in a city where you live and at the time when you were having your dinner. We all were out of our minds and sight by the incident and I along with some of my friends came to meet you today morning. As expected we were not allowed to meet you. We don't wish to hear condolence messages from you; rather we claim serious belief of reinforcement of my security on the very roads where the Army, the Navy and the Air force showcase their pride every year on the Republic Day.

Sir, I have not read the Constitution of India, but I am told that if you wish, with your interference you have all the powers to call the people who can amend the Constitution of India. I request you to amend and ensure stricter enforcement of laws pertaining to attacks on the dignity of women of this country.

I wish you to act before my sister admitted to Delhi Hospital walks out and breathe the air that led her succumb.

I am not writing this letter for apathy, sympathy or empathy, favor or soothing words of praise in my honor to strive pain. I am writing this to claim what is mine.

I don’t hope for a positive response. But yes, I am expecting a prompt action.

With Best Possible Regards,
The Women of India

I need not to teach you about the importance of women saying that they are the ones who brought Olympic Medals to the country.
Try sending water through the pipelines that your officials have laid through the city instead of smashing it in my face when I stand for my rights.
And finally, don’t let Google say ‘Do you mean rape?’ When I type India.

Amit Purohit
The Lone Soldier



dhaval pandya said...

The tone of the text is what I like. Subtle yet on the spot.

The Lone Soldier said...

Yeah Thanks for reading Dhaval Pandya

Anonymous said...

Proud to b ur friend yaar

The Lone Soldier said...

Thanks Vinita