Sunday, November 22, 2009

If I Die..Bury me Deep..

If I die bury me deep…
And don’t let those know..
For whom I care and I love..
Because I won’t let them weep. .

If I die bury me deep..
And do take good care of those
For whom I lived and died..
Please don’t let them peep..

If I die bury me deep..
So that the sunshine never comes in..
And don’t let the moon ever casts its shadow
Touching me and my soul; melting it all..

If I die bury me deep..
And don’t let her carry roses to me..
That inspired me to think and write..
Because it was love that made me feel alive..

By Amit Purohit

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All Juxtaposed. . .

All time juxtaposition..

Nutshell: I began writing on a fresh subject which might be a part of my new venture other than 'My Infatuation - Love Demystified' It is a book about a character named 'The Lone Soldier' a common guy looking life the commoner way..

An excerpt from my new book, I covet to write breaking all the rules of story telling. . (title not decided)

I don’t know at what crossroads of life I am standing. I neither know if to halt, take a right or left from this end of the road. I know I wish something in life but I am helpless to access that.. And the things I wished to happen in my life happened all but in an incomplete sense. The above statements may not make sense to the reader, so allow me to elaborate.

The thing I wish something in life is love. I received it in every way an individual can, but it got saturated before I could deem it of. The reason behind the saturation is the person behind it. I would never have the person for a life time and spent partially my life in making her strong digesting this fact. But the tables turned, the clock reversed and now I am on the axe side.. I am not able to deem the same thing for her and I am making her away from me with a thought to make the sunken love drying off my life. Distance played a nasty role in making me feel the exactly opposite of what I had set in mind. And the rest was mine desperation and stance of breaking ties with a score of people closer to me. The first being the one who loved me a lot and expected the same from me, and the last being my friend whom I understood a lot, but he never digested my thoughts. I don’t know what is happening around me with the mist in the air filling my lungs and bursting me off. I can’t take it more and say it to her any more. At this peal of time she covets our love to reach at its zenith; its pinnacle when two bodies fuse together like wax. Then, the poignant touch here is what I will be carrying all my life. She would be satisfied enough and mentally prepared as I was at her anchor side. When I looked for my anchor the sea of happiness dried up and made me feel my sea of sorrows all filled and raring to go.

The other things I wished to happen became factual but remained partially incomplete in all sense. I coveted to have money and a job. I got the best company I could and a handsome amount; but at the cost of the isolation I feel and the love all dried up on the papyrus roads to success. I wished to have a job where I would be the engineering brain of all the problems coming my way; rather I became the engineering limbs executing the way. The limbs that danced arranged and did things what the brain commands. The paradox is I lived to come over here and I found here was the thing I was never made of. And what surprises me a lot is people play politics here before me to climb up the ladder I don’t give a fuck to.. I never knew what I was made of but the thing is somewhere in the corner I wished to climb the ladder as in the end money makes me go.. My dreams I wished to fulfill and the scene of victory I always envisaged was in front of my dreaming eyes but I could not find the way to access the dreamy path to the dream gates.. The day I began my efforts, knowing I am all restless I may find my way to the golden gates I covet for. I never knew what happened in my life.

All in my life seems to be a fairy tale. Planned failures and success at subsequent stages in my life made me feel it was a roller coaster ride. Those failures that ruined my life almost and then led me to the success that partially left me feel a loser when I realized the success on the whole. You might think I crib a lot when I say all this but this is all God made me feel. He might think something good about me and might made me realize my dreams after I tread the treacherous tedious path of struggles. But I thank God and I am all ready as the sun of my dream I wish to rise from the skies of my hard work and shedding the clouds of struggles.

Again the above is an excerpt from my new book, I covet to write breaking all the rules of story telling. . (title not decided)

Amit Purohit aka The Lone Soldier

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Running train. . .

Reword In A Nut Shell..

Today i.e. 14 November, 2009.. I returned from Larsen & Toubro Powai, to my parent office located at Hazira, Surat.. I boarded the Shatabdi Express scheduled at 6 am in the morning.. Fortunately I grabbed a window seat with no one seated in the neighboring one.The majestic scene of the sunrise, the mountains and the clouds with the winds around made my adrenaline pump..I penned an ode over it with the love of my life as my theme... If you ever loved some body you would move along with this limerick it goes It is called 'The Running Train'

The Running Train

As the train moves and the sun rises..
I inch closer to the one i love..
The peal of time when the wind is in the air..
Is the same as it was in the month of December..

The air that made me felt the warmth of her hand..
Despite nobody sat next to me in the moving train..
The clouds that kissed the mountains..
And with sun all its radiance looked upon..

It made me miss the way we kissed..
And the way we feared as anybody moved along..
As the engine neared the station..
My eyes began to glow like the old bulb on the pole..

The place where I landed was never where she was..
But it made me feel somewhere she was around..
And with the hope she would come here for a day..
I see clouds in the skies even in the month of May..

Somewhere she lay dipped in pain..
And I far enough to hear her scream..
Holy shit! What happens to the weather whenever I am sad..
The winds baffle..The papers fly..and Here comes the rain again..!!

Original poem by The Lone Soldier aka Amit Purohit