Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Running train. . .

Reword In A Nut Shell..

Today i.e. 14 November, 2009.. I returned from Larsen & Toubro Powai, to my parent office located at Hazira, Surat.. I boarded the Shatabdi Express scheduled at 6 am in the morning.. Fortunately I grabbed a window seat with no one seated in the neighboring one.The majestic scene of the sunrise, the mountains and the clouds with the winds around made my adrenaline pump..I penned an ode over it with the love of my life as my theme... If you ever loved some body you would move along with this limerick it goes It is called 'The Running Train'

The Running Train

As the train moves and the sun rises..
I inch closer to the one i love..
The peal of time when the wind is in the air..
Is the same as it was in the month of December..

The air that made me felt the warmth of her hand..
Despite nobody sat next to me in the moving train..
The clouds that kissed the mountains..
And with sun all its radiance looked upon..

It made me miss the way we kissed..
And the way we feared as anybody moved along..
As the engine neared the station..
My eyes began to glow like the old bulb on the pole..

The place where I landed was never where she was..
But it made me feel somewhere she was around..
And with the hope she would come here for a day..
I see clouds in the skies even in the month of May..

Somewhere she lay dipped in pain..
And I far enough to hear her scream..
Holy shit! What happens to the weather whenever I am sad..
The winds baffle..The papers fly..and Here comes the rain again..!!

Original poem by The Lone Soldier aka Amit Purohit


Anonymous said...

great work ...

good mix of words..

Keep the good work going

Harry Potter said...

good to see u back after a long break buddy!

palak said...

hey dear it is fanastic....
keep going dear

Anonymous said...

gud use of ur power of expression...