Saturday, July 21, 2007


Love is the most powerful potent force linking human beings. It is the feeling that makes you fit to do any work. True love is the one that doesn't long for crazy cabals and cold night phone calls. It is like being engrossed in the love's love. It is like being painted i the colors of love. It is the only feeling that only links human beings onto this brutal orb. love is livelier than life and life is lovelier than love. Don't covet for an individual. The arena of true love is inflated in its sense here. True love is not bounded by the pangs of time, rather it is an endless race against time. Recent big hits like Harry Potter and the Order Of the Phoenix depict the only theme of love, yet the incentiveness is on a mystical and magical track. Love whomsoever or whatsoever you adore and have a liking. May it be your lover or your career or your parents/friends. The only feeling onto this universe not bound by the ties of land and water. But beware of the infected infatuation and the lucre cum lust substantials. It is the feeling of true love that marks your subsistence onto this gargantuan globe...!

An epitome from my book "My Infauation-Love Demystified"

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