Monday, February 22, 2010

You are Gone. . .

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I very seldom do this. One of my blog readers jolted down some of the lines in his flavor. Those lines appealed me a lot. It took me seconds to create a limerick out of it. But due to some illness, I was out of the blogging arena. But I am back with a new one.. Pain and happy ending packed in one...

I hope you like this one...

You are Gone...

Now that you’re gone, I realize
How much you meant to me.
My loss is wider than a starless night sky,
And deeper than a stormy sea.

I miss the comfort of your sweet love,
Your absolute devotion;
Now I’m a fountain of endless tears,
A pool of sad emotion.

They tell me I should move on with life,
That time will heal my pain;
I smile; I nod; I agree with them,
While I slowly go insane..

I am now moving the way I can
Like a lifeless soul
I feel I can and I will
That makes me go to my destiny

I know things will be fine for me
And I will be better than before
I hope the best is still to come
And love in my life is still to cherish

The sun shine is yet to come
That will enlighten within
And I all waiting and wishing to be mad..
Mad with happiness waiting to unlock…

Originally Created by Saideep
Revisited by Amit Purohit The Lone Soldier


Amit Purohit (The Lone Soldier) said...

Here it is the way Saideep wrote in one of his comments..

I framed up and changed the end..
I hope it is not horrible and you guys like it..

Happy Reading

Mohit said...

it shouldn't be "Missing you" .. It seems it has been written without actually meaning it. It doesn't seem real!! Yes to show somebody or to answer them or to keep them is the right choice.. Tk Care. Perhaps thats what "she" wanted at the end that it goes incomplete

Amit Purohit (The Lone Soldier) said...

@ Mohit
It is like fusion of two thoughts in a single poem which is risky..

I never do this just tried..
Hope it is not horriblle..!!

Mohit said...

I'm sad to hear you're stricken again. Its nt horrible but not expected out of you. Its just my perception. I expected that the happy end would mean the loss is recovered or has started to be.. or atleast the .... being gone forever should have revealed more endless pain as in something like the blood in one's viens doesn't remain his and still is the only source that keeeps the one alive!! hee hee these things too run in my mind.. amazed!! :-) Tk care

Amit Purohit (The Lone Soldier) said...

@ Mohit
Happy ending was just a way to change the monotonous beginning of the poem..!!
Thats it!!

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