Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Distance. . . untraveled

The distance between the hearts..
Is soaring as the time grows on..
And the sunken sensation keeps on living..
On the dying roads;where night meets dawn..

My never ending sleep and motionless pace
The promise that I never made..
Making me crib every moment I live..
With the helplessness I carried on my face..

My place changed and so did I..
The daily deaths that I easily die..
Lying her all the way saying I live..
Lied on the smoke so fast;the departure destined;

And one sunny day I found her..
All over me she lain before the final call..
Five hours and two lives on the roll..
One to begin another to finish it all..

Praying all the way out of sheer poignancy..
With a dead feeling of doing something larger..
Feeling all her touch and fragrance..
Pausing the process and coming out of life..!!

- - - Amit Purohit (The Lone Soldier)


Mohit.... said...

hi dude... y is d character so helpless? doesn't he hv ny choice? do explain d reason and complete ur poem in ur nxt one....dnt u think there r sm unspoken promises, words n feelings which r meant 2 b kept.

Amit Purohit (Shayar) said...

@ Mohit..

thanks for the comment.

now that is the point i want to convey..in Indian society there are many people around us bounded by many shackles around them.. and they are too feeble to break all of the fetters and so some promises are unkept....

the next blog will be 'This is the way India travels'
I am going to write it in two parts..

so keep reading and commenting..

Mohit.... said...

hi dude...seems nice bt stil incomplete. Its like i can't digest the fact tat a person can be so feeble ..so tat he isnt standing wit his dear ones....if at all they r dear...the character should have tried balancing needs n wishes 4 the sake of his n her life!!

Mohit..... said...

ok.. i understand... bt it wud b gud if u write a poem on those prob and hw it changed the character... ur readers wud like to knw sm of d reasons... dont u think?

Amit Purohit (Shayar) said...

@ Mohit

To depict all those reasons i m planning to write a complete novel..if time and my job allows..

@ |_ |_| C |< Y said...@

who said i m serious i just want to continue writing and planning to write a novel if time and my job allows..

sometimes some problems come uninvited in life at some point the greatest feel the most feeble..

the only way os to accept it..

|_ |_| C |< Y said...

yar frankly speaking...all this acceptance mite look gud in jst d novel....otherwise in reality every human fights for the truth for things which actualy means a lot 2 them...if at all they do

|_ |_| C |< Y said...

And ya i do have some good tools for recovery as i belong to IT Security Dept...if incase you want to try out do let me know. I can arrange for some CDs. Tk care .. Do continue writing....may be find a soln that way

Mohit..... said...

well.. instead of writing novel u can chapters once at a time & post it on ur blog.... tat way u wont hv 2 waste much time........

amit purohit said...


my job doesn't give that much time to me.. secondly it is the fear of copying that refrains me to do so,,

|_ |_| C |< Y.... said...

U r not d only 1 facing such kinda prb. I m going thru d same. N i rite too so i cn undrstand. My conditions worse bt stil i cnt thnk of d option u made coz i knw v cnt b seperate n evry person need love 2 survive. D decesion 4 d betterment of present coz no 1 knw d future. Its nt acesible n cnt b changd. If presents gud v cn only den hope 4 d future. N i knw v bth cn manage 2gthr nt alone. I dnt want ne1 2 regret ovr whichs not totally wrng.
dis present will b past smtm n nt 2 regret securing it nw....

Mohit.... said...

hey man... wats d use of working in such a big company and not being able 2 find time 4 urslf.. my frnds r there in L&T, Gujarat gas, reliance, adani.. dey all manage time 4 themselves..

Amit Purohit (Shayar) said...

@ mohit

it all depends in which dept u are placed..

working in big companies gives you experience that can add another blend to your writing..

u never know..

an artist is inspired by life..

|_ |_| C |< Y said...
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Amit Purohit (Shayar) said...
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Mohit said...

Hi bro
Sorry for late reply...being busy..
Anyways i would wait for your next story, perhaps it clear by doubt automatically .. Good Luck