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Beyond the Idea of Power : Maa

Gist : The constancy of change makes it the most powerful thing in time and space. Something equally powerful is waiting for you at the story’s end…!

Disclaimer : The writer is agnostic.

Two Years : 2013 - 2015 : Yes, it has been a long time. A lot has changed since I stopped updating this space. There were a lot of reasons that made my pen pause with a thoughts. One of the thoughts were that this halt may be the end of my journey of words. My life, lives of scores of people around me, the world and the space has changed and evolved in some good and bad sense.

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From the death of personalities like Margaret Thatcher, Paul Walker, Dr Kalam, Nelson Mandela, Rajesh Khanna, B.B. King and many more to change of political guard in India and Pakistan, these two years have witnessed a lot of changes. If you are many of those who look up to skies for solace, spectacular events like the Venus meeting the moon, the conjunction of the Venus and Jupiter left us spell bound. Brutal terror attacks were witnessed on various faces of Mother Earth leaving scars on faces of some of her children forever. ISRO’s Mangalyaan and NASA’s New Horizons are keeping our hopes alive of finding someone in outer space. Needless to say no-brainer movies (Isi baat pe chal beta selfie le le re…!) in India are making more than 1 billion (in INR) and a couple of TV shows enter their 8th year of telecast leaving me baffled.

Many lovemaking souls were separated, few settled together and some of them are / would be proud parents of the future. Some dreams were realized, many were broken and few dreams are living on the anticipation of hope. In this changing world, everything is changing. I observed an Egyptian mummy aged fact that nothing in this world is constant except change. And this makes change the most powerful thing in the world. There is no Eureka in this moment. But as I grow, week by week, I feel the changes in my approach to life, I understand the constancy of change keeps the universe ticking. In this constant race of survival, we often take a few moments to ponder over the changes around us. Some like me learn the hard way of living and innocence gets traded for the education of a lifetime.

It is the constancy of change that makes it powerful than the change itself. The changes when kick in make us realize its power. Writing this, I feel weak as we, all, are subjected to change and could not be more powerful than its certainty. Change is certain.

So whose power equates the constancy of change?

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The sound of drum beats in the air with devotion and a mood of revelry is unleashed. Yes, the festival celebrating glory and bravery of Mother (Maa) --- Navratri/Durga Puja is around the corner. Navratri is the longest dancing festival in the world. There is a surprising sense of energy in people who are lost in the worship of Maa. People dance to pray. Some pray for worldly things like Money, Macbook and a Mauritius trip. Some crave for power, fearlessness and wisdom. However, all think that the Holy Maa shall grant them all. Well they are not wrong in some sense as it is Maa that gives life and kindles the sense of survival in any creature of world - animal or human. We have read a lot about how mothers shaped greatness of some great men and women.

And this answers that what equates the most powerful thing in time and space. Maa. She carries power equal to the constancy of change as her view towards children is beyond change and remains constant as time flows. Child, whether ugly or beautiful, a success or failure, intelligent or foolish, any form of life be an animal, bird or human, it is Maa that protects and nourishes her child. There are lot of videos on internet showing a prey’s mother attacks the predator to save its child. More than 10 species of animals die after giving birth. The most interesting of them is Salmon fish. It travels more than 2000 kilometers to give birth to its offspring and the journey drenches its energy. It gets washed out and becomes an easy catch for the predators.

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A lot of Vedic stories also depict the larger than God stature of Maa. Maa powers life and gives it the form best suited for survival. All situations, be it good or worse, the first priority of Maa is well being of its children. This makes her equally powerful to the constancy of change. This piece of text may change you the way you look at Navratri/Durga Puja celebrations. We end up praying the power that equates the powerful change that alters our lives.

Well, with this word around Maa, I restart my blog and shall try to come up with more pieces of interesting text.

Amit Leela Purohit
The Lone Soldier

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