Friday, February 17, 2012

Clearance Ki Kahaani...Balls to 'Sayonara'


GET : X (Graduate Engineering Trainee Resigning as Senior Project Executive)
Manager Y (Eating, Doing Nothing and managing GET X)
HR Z (Helpless Rascal @ the Human Resource)
Note: Trying to avoid being harsh
Warning: No resemblance with real world. If you find any, have beer and chill because none gets to bother.

16 Jan 2012

It was the 89th day of the three month notice period at a company called Lallu & Tappu Ltd (La&Ta). My brain was bleeding as I was the only one around going home instead of going to some MNCs who pay like pigs. And adding pressure to the pumping blood was the Manager Y who was not clearing off my handover dues. Actually speaking, he didn’t know what I was handing over as he never worked till it came to brim.
The HR Z was any other person who was least bothered who was leaving; knowing the reasons might be his dream job that he used to actually do while snoring at 2 pm after the hefty lunch.
I was to leave at 17th Jan and it was already 4:30 pm. It was getting tougher to nail Manager Y.
He only had to tick on a clearance form in his mail and like any day he wasn’t bothered when it came to work.

10 minutes of Creative Planning by GET X passed by.

To Retaliate Is Human Nature...
Manager Y: So why are you exactly leaving?
GET X: Does it make sense on the 89th day of my 3 month notice period?
Manager Y (Stunned): What does it mean when you question a query?
GET X: It means I am not interested to entertain the query and the beholder.
Manager Y: Tell me which company are you joining?
GET X: I am getting out of this company business. It adds no value to my thoughts.
Manager Y: The world is small. We will be informed where you are heading.
GET X: Please clear off my dues, just by clicking a simple icon in your mail box.
Manager Y: No, I won’t till you let me know.

Nonsense heated argument follows.
GET X watches the clock. It was 4:50 pm. He knew Manager Y will run to the punching machine at 5:15 pm and drive home. At 5 pm all he wanted the subsidized tea offered at the labor canteen.
He wanted the tick as it was HR Z’s turn tomorrow.

Manager Y (provoking): He will be a Master (professor in derogatory sense) one day and then he thinks he can add value to his thoughts.
GET X (keeping his cool): Sir G, its 4:55 pm. (Actually the clock showed 5 pm). I am going for tea.
Manager Y: Oh! Where I have to tick for clearing your dues?
GET X (thinking prey had come to daddy): Here, over here sir…
Manager Y: Is there any provision for partial clearance?

Manager Y actually didn’t know what he was handling and still he wanted GET X to be trapped.

GET X: Sir G, its 5 pm (Clock actually showing 5:15 pm) we will miss the tea.
Manager Y: Here is the password of my mail box. Get it done.
GET X: (enters the password like a ninja): Click..! Bang you go…!!
Manager Y: Let’s go to tea.
GET X: Its 5:18pm.
Manager Y (Astonished): What?
GET X: So you finally come to know that is the way you get to work…! Good Bye.
Manager Y:  (Now knew the trick) If you wish you can share your personal contact details.
GET X: Good Bye.

17 Jan 2012.

HR Z: Have you ticked all departments in the form?
HR Z never knew what kind of intellectual capital the company had and the least he knew about the loss to company when most of them were leaving the company.
GET X: Yes
HR Z: Get your dues cleared by the Finance department know.
The official time to leave was 5 pm. But as I had received clearance from all departments I could have been relieved earlier. Every one applied Murphy’s Law.
I requested HR Z to relieve me by 3 pm. I asked him to at least hand over my documents against the I-card I had submitted. He said a cold NO.
He did every procedural works at 5 pm. I kicked the door.

17 Feb 2012

I am still waiting for my salary. Manager Y wants me back.
I got my clearance done over a Rs.3/- tea.
I left love and opened the doors of uncertainty in my life…!!!

 Amit Purohit The Lone Soldier

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